Animal Food Production

Ethiopia is a country endowed with a vast natural resource especially conducive for animal rearing. The country’s 10% populations are pastoralists living in the lowlands fully dependent on animal production. Farmers living in the semi highland and highland areas of the country are also engaged in animal production in addition to crop farming. Due to these, Ethiopia has 23.6 Million Sheep, 23.3 Million Goat, 44.9 Million Cattle, and 2.6 Million Camels.
Ramos Plc  established to supply fresh chilled meat, mainly goat and sheep meat, to The Middle East and African countries. The major motive to establish Ramos emanated from the rich animal resources available in the country. In addition, the country’s close proximity to oil exporting Middle East countries has made the project to be feasible.

Our company employs more than 200 workers with a variety of qualifications and experiences related specifically to livestock, meat processing and international business.
The main animal sources of the company are the pastoralists in the low land areas of the country.  The company deploys its own animal trucks to collect animals from different locations and check their health and physical fitness by keeping them for a while at the company’s animal reconditioning farm. To maintain and ensure the export quality standard of the meat, the company has established its own animal feed production and processing unit.  

Only animals that are selected to be fit for slaughtering will then be transported to the slaughterhouse, while the rest will be reconditioned with a proper feed and medical treatment until the company’s veterinary inspectors approve them to be fit for export slaughtering.

Our meat-processing unit with a capacity to process more than 20 tons of meat per day is Halal certified by The Middle East and North African countries veterinary standards.

Since the company’s establishment, its export volume has increased considerably with the destination markets increasing from time to time.