Legal Process

The concept of legal process outsourcing is based on the division of labour principle, prevalent in law firms, where various time consuming and onerous processes like due diligence are delegated to paralegals, 

The process involves a contract, with due consideration, between both firms. The following are the various methods by which the process could be initiated:

  • Direct Contract – This is the most straight forward means of establishing contact. The firm needing legal services directly approaches the legal process outsourcing vendor.
  • Managed Outsourcing – This is a case where the firm establishes contact with a legal process outsourcing vendor and retains a traditional law firm to coordinate the vendor’s activities and to ensure quality control.
  • Required Outsourcing – This form of outsourcing occurs when the firm mandates a certain level of outsourcing in the legal process, either to reduce costs or to fulfill statutory requirements.
  • Multi-sourcing – This involves segregating the work assigned to LPO providers in order to reduce risk and take advantage of each provider’s strengths. This approach is helpful in cases where expertise is required on matters of jurisdiction and merits. Having more than one provider “on deck” also allows a service recipient to obtain more favorable pricing. On the other hand, multi-sourcing can be more complicated than other approaches. Successfully managing multiple, competing providers requires strong and effective governance procedures.

We provide a complete line of services for all your professional legal support needs, including:

  • Process Serving
  • Court Filing, Fax Filing, E-Fax Filing, Retainer Filing Plans
  • Court Research
  • Recording Documents
  • Skip Tracing & Private Investigations
  • Judgment Enforcement.