Food Processing

Ramos aims to reduce the risk of malnutrition among children by producing low cost high protein food for children who are being weaned from breast milk. Ramos is one of the top suppliers of baby foods for Ethiopian children, including fortified foods and breakfast cereals. It is the only choice for many Ethiopian families. While it’s commercial products provide the needed nutrition for children to be mentally, and physically healthy, it is also one of the main suppliers of relief products to areas afflicted by malnutrition and in severe cases, famine. Our overall goal is to produce and sell various kinds of pre-cooked baby foods, semi-cooked supplementary foods, protein enriched fortified flours emergency foods and related products of high nutritional value that are also affordable in response to the growing demands of consumers.  Looking into the future, the company is planning to produce new products and remain competitive and strongly focused on consumer satisfaction by providing the healthiest and most nutritious food products to the public.

Currently the company is distributing its products through whole sellers, supermarkets and in all regional states in the country. In addition the company has started exporting its products to neighboring countries.

Today, Ramos has experienced significant growth in terms of both size and capital and has continued to install modern machinery and other equipments. Ramos established an on-site food laboratory and has transformed itself into a state of the art and comprehensive food production facility. RAmos has been upgraded to specialize in the production of other nutritious and therapeutic foods for children to address the significant gap in the national food production system.